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  • 5 Benefits of Skipping

    Skipping is something we all remember doing in the playground. I remember once break time would hit, I’d love to get out of class and skip with my friends. We’d take it in turns, skip together, time each other and have so much fun. I’d always go back to class feeling a little out of breath but on reflection, I definitely had more energy! 
  • How To Make The Most Of The Tone & Sculpt App

    Tone & Sculpt, has just got even better! Don’t worry, all your favourite features are still there, just improved, and now we have some amazing new features too. So here is a quick breakdown so you can truly make the most of the app and all its greatness.
  • Top Workout Tips For Beginners

    Fitness is for everyone. We all start somewhere, and I was in this position 5 years ago. Like all beginners, I didn’t know where to start or what I was doing. All I did know was that I was determined to make a change and do something special for me.
  • An Introduction To Krissy Cela

    My dream was to create a user friendly experience for real women, all over the world, that was simple, informative but most importantly effective. A place where women could come together and support each other, with the shared goal of becoming physically and mentally stronger than ever.