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Who Am I?

My full name is: Kristjana Eleny Cela but in school no one could really pronounce my name, and so Krissy seemed more fitting! My surname is pronounced CH-EL-A like Bella but CH at the start instead of the B.

I truly believe that my purpose in life is to help women around the world become healthier, mentally and physically.

One of my biggest dreams is to host a world tour where I can train as many of you as possible and we can smash our workouts together

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My Story

My own fitness journey started 5 years ago, at the time I was studying for my law degree, so I had never really considered fitness as a career, it was merely a way of escaping my worries and stress.

While working out one day I asked a friend to record me doing a glute kickback, I was sure I was doing it wrong, and I was right, I was! I started filming my workouts so I could see where I needed to make adjustments.

One day I decided to track all my progress on social media, this way I could hold myself accountable, and before I knew it the community on my page grew into a social empire!

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My Mission

With the creation of the Tone & Sculpt App, myself and my team have set out to empower real women across the globe to achieve their fitness goals, and grow their confidence both mentally and physically. 

Our aim is to help you grow into a more confident version of you.

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Krissy Fact #1

I love doughnuts & brownies, all types of doughnuts & brownies, just give me them all to me please!

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Krissy Fact #2

I can safely admit, that I am addicted to working! With my app, Tone & Sculpt, it never feels like work, it is my passion and love.

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Krissy Fact #3

I've an obsession with organisation and cleaning, I've had some say it’s OCD, but personally think it’s just me being me.

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