How To Make The Most Of The Tone & Sculpt App

by Krissy Cela
How To Make The Most Of The Tone & Sculpt App

Iam so excited to share that our favourite app, Tone & Sculpt, has just got even better! Don’t worry, all your favourite features are still there, just improved, and now we have some amazing new features too. So here is a quick breakdown so you can truly make the most of the app and all its greatness.

Get ready to start smashing your goals!

1) Weekly Planner.
Once you have chosen which guide you would like to follow (see how effective is your current workout split) and which date you would like to start, this will be added into your brand new planner. For every completed guide workout you receive a star so you can easily see what you have achieved so far that week.

Your rest days will be implemented evenly for you, but you can adjust them as needed, all you need to do is drag and drop the workouts to the days that suit you best. Adding in additional workouts or challenges into your planner to individual or multiple days has been made simple too, just search for the workout you want and add it in. So let's say you follow the 3 day a week home guide but every Saturday you want to do the booty builder as you can get to the gym on Saturdays, you can now easily add that workout into your planner so every Saturday it is there, ready to go.

2) Weight Tracker.
Progressive overload is an essential part of your wellness journey. The weight tracking feature makes it easy for you to keep a record of how you are progressing in your workouts, just click on the weight symbol to add in your weights. You will also receive a notification each time you achieve a new personal best, it’s like having your own personal cheerleader at the gym!

3) Alternative Exercises.
Ok so how annoying is it when you go to a different gym and they don't have the equipment you need, or when someone has been on the machine you want to use for what feels like forever? Now you can easily change to an alternative exercise, either the recommended alternative or you can search for a specific exercise of your choice. The new app also allows you to see what's coming up next, as well as a progress bar so you always know exactly where you are at with your workout.

4) Cool Downs and Finishers.
Have you ever gotten to the end of your workout but felt like you could push yourself just that little bit more? Now we give you a suggested finisher to help you go that little bit further. Not feeling it? We have brand new cool down routines too. Stretching tends to get skipped when we’re tired from our workouts, but stretching properly after exercise helps with recovery and helps prevent future injuries too.

5) Meal Plans.
Our meal plans are better than ever! We have options for everybody, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and standard meal plans, gluten free, nut free and dairy free alternatives. We have a weekly shopping list that is separated into food groups making it simple to find in store, and it even shows you the amount needed so you don’t over purchase.

6) Search.
For specific meals, or if you have left over ingredients just search the ingredient and it will give you a list of all the meals that feature that ingredient so nothing goes to waste. You can swap out meals and even save your favourites. And you no longer have to worry about having your meals at set times, if like me you train in the morning, you can now add your post workout meal as your meal one, it really makes following a meal plan effortless!

7) Water Tracker.
My all time favourite feature is here to stay! I can not stress enough the importance of hydration. Water affects your brain function, body function, it even helps to get glowing skin and healthy hair. Drinking enough water is essential. This feature not only calculates how much water you should be drinking, but it also allows you to monitor your intake throughout the day so you can always reach your hydration goals.

8) A Brand New Forum!
Our community is the soul of Tone & Sculpt, so what better than an even easier way to support and encourage each other. You can now share your top tips or words of motivation. You can add your favourite chats, like and leave comments, so now your familia is always just a message away!

Best of all, you can share your workout and gift a free trial so all your family and friends can join in the journey with you. We truly hope you love the new app as much as we do! Comment below and let us know your favourite feature


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